David Senkfor

David Senkfor of TopGun

David is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and family. His hobbies include martial arts, muscle cars and donating time and effort to various charitable causes in the Valley.

Technical Expert
With a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and certifications in multiple technical specialties such as Information Systems Security, Manufacturing Consultant David understands the equipment, technology, tools, processes and metallurgical properties of the materials involved in gear production and manufacturing in general. He has used this expertise to develop The Senkfor System, an innovative set of analytical tools that measure and improve productivity, manufacturing quality and financial results.

Manufacturing Industry Veteran
David has 20-plus years of experience as an owner of a gear manufacturing facility in Northeastern Ohio. That experience gave him the opportunity to examine trends and practices that affect the gear industry in specific and the  manufacturing industry in general and allowed him to develop a clear business focus. He uses this manufacturing consultant focus to help companies seek new opportunities for business development, quality improvement and in crafting aggressive strategies to achieve competitive advantage.  No issue is too small to examine for improvement and optimization.

Trusted Advisor
One of David's key strengths is ability to listen to people and his desire to help them improve their practices and better utilize resources. David works effectively with all levels of employees, from shop floor technicians to the CEO, establishing an atmosphere of trust and open communication that can enable change to happen quickly and productively.