"OnSite With"

Welcome to the new web page at TopGun Consulting where we go "onsite" with clients and talk to them about their operations and get to see how they operate. We feel that by actually visiting manufacturing firms and getting to ask the owners about their business, you can find out about some basic yet exciting methods or processes they use every day to grow their businesses. Click on the YouTube links below to watch videos with the shop owners and educators.


March 2014: Education Series- "OnSite With" East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT), Mesa, AZ


January 2014- "OnSite With" Sierra Precision Products, Chandler, AZ


January 2014: Education Series- "OnSite With" West-MEC, Glendale, AZ


January 2014: Education Series - "OnSite With" Arizona Department of Education, Phoenix, AZ


August 2013 "Onsite With" Dante Fierros of Nichols Precision, Tempe, AZ

David Senkfor, TopGun Consulting and Dante Fierros, Nichols Precision discuss why manufacturing is so important and what any manufacturer can do to impact how governmental and academic bodies can work to help them find the employees for the workforce of tomorrow.


March 2013 "Onsite With" C&C Machining, Mesa Arizona and Sierra Precision Products, Chandler, Arizona


David with Mark Clawson of C&C Machining          David with Eric Niemira of Sierra Precision Products

In March of 2013, David visited both C&C Machining and Sierra Precision Products. As some of the newest members of the Arizona Tooling and Machining Association, both companies had advanced and modern CNC lathes and milling machines working on close tolerance aerospace work. While they are small in size, both companies are run by progressive owners who implement advanced machining techniques to satisfy their customers.


November 2012 "Onsite With"  Arizona Industries for the Blind, Phoenix, Arizona

        Pictured here are from L to R: David Senkfor, Terri Ferguson, Manufacturing Manager, Clay Stillwell, AIB Employee of the Year and John O'Leary, Sales and Marketing Manager.

      Arizona Industries for the Blind is a proud supporter and manufacturer of components used by the United States Department of Defense.


When John O'Leary with Arizona Industries for the Blind invited David Senkfor to visit their manufacturing facility, David was a bit skeptical. After all, AIB employs people who are legally blind. They run sophisticated CNC machines or other machines that were thought to be all but beyond the capability of blind individuals. However, "seeing" is believing and David was both surprised and impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the AIB work force.

Yes, there are sighted employees doing certain jobs. However, the rest are performed by the legally blind with some minor accomodations for their lack of sight. AIB is a proud supplier to the United States Department of Defense and contrary to what might be expected, must competitively bid for jobs requiring high quality components. They are successful because their employees know that they are involved in the manufacture of key DoD components in an environment that provides dignity and pride to persons who otherwise might not be contributing members of society.

We should be proud to have such a facility in our community and it is our belief that others be established to employ additional individuals with limitations with their sight, hearing and even lack of mobility.



October 2012 "OnSite With"  MarZee Waterjet Cutting, Phoenix, Arizona


                                                                                                         David Senkfor and Ed Wenz

    Video Part One -- Initial contact and discussions   



         Video Part Two-- CAD discussion and demonstration 



         Video Part Three--  Plant tour and waterjet cutting