Past Newsletters (* denotes Profit Power Series)

July 2014 -- "The Way We Were (As #Manufacturers)" 

June 2014 -- "Is All Change Good?"

May 2014 -- "Is Your Business Running The Way It Should Be?"

April 2014 -- "More Tips To Secure Your #Manufacturing Data"

March 2014 -- "Securing Your #Manufacturing Shop From Cyber Attacks"

March 2014 Special Edition -- Windows Cutting Off Support For XP Programs: Impact On #Manufacturing

February 2014 -- "To Be or Not To Be a Job Shop"

January 2014-- "Thinking About Higher Profits in 2014?- Make It So!"

December 2013 -- "Manufacturing Will Continue To Lead Economic Upturn In 2014"

November 2013 -- "Want To Buy My Company?"

October 2013 -- "Using The Right Numbers To Build Your Business"

September 2013 -- "What's In The Box? How Do You Handle Rejected Parts?"

August 2013 -- "Let's Get Serious About Manufacturing"  

July 2013 -- "Finding The Next Generation of Great Employees"

June 2013 -- 3D Printing- "The real deal or not quite ready for prime-time?"

May 2013 -- "Manufacturing... It's Baaaack!

April 2013-- "Job Control Software-- Not Feelin' The Love"

March 2013-- "Don't Scrap Your Scrap"

*February 2013-- "Know Your Facility"

January 2013-- "Manufacturing is Alive and Well"

*December 2012-- "The One Thing More Valuable Than Your Manufactured Product"

*November 2012-- "Have a Workforce You Can Be Proud To Lead"

*October 2012-- "Make Sure You Get What You're Paying For"

*September 2012-- "It's My Money--And I Want It NOW!" (why cash flow is key to success)          

*August 2012-- Like Finding Money on Your Floor-( the importance of shop floor layout and design)

*July 2012-- Engineering- The different roles of engineers in your shop

*June 2012-- Quality and Six Sigma Issues

*March 2012-- Sales and Marketing explained

*January 2012-- Introduction of the Profit Power Series

December 2011-- Introduction of Top Gun Consulting