Exhaust Notes Videos (* denotes $Profit Power$ series Videos)

Take a look at various videos where I discuss issues impacting manufacturing and provide process improvement tips on how to solve them.

Onsite With Sierra Precision Products




April 2014: The Enemy Within Part 2: #Cyber Security for #Manufacturers 




March 2014: The Enemy Within and He is Us: Cyber Security Tips For #Manufacturers


February 2014: Making It All or Just a Piece In The #Manufacturing Puzzle


January 2014: Thinking About Higher Profits in 2014- Here's How to Do It


December 2013: Manufacturing Year In Review

November 2013: A Business Valuation Example


October 2013: Measuring Manufacturing Profitability



September 2013 TopGun Video: Dealing With Rejected Manufacturing Parts





Presentation at Workforce Connections in Gilbert, Arizona with Nichols Precision


July 2013: The Future of the Manufacturing Industry



June 2013 -- Is 3D Printing Ready For Prime Time?



May 2013 -- Manufacturing Is Back!!



April 2013 -- How To Choose Job Shop Control Software


March 2013--"Don't Scrap Your Scrap"


*February 2013--"Facilities, Utilities and Acquisitions"


January 2013-- "Manufacturing is Alive and Well"


*December 2012-- "Lock It Up or Lose It


*November 2012-- "Have the Best Workforce Money Can Buy"


*October 2012-- "Make Sure You Get What You Are Paying For"


*September 2012-- "It’s My Money and I Want It Now"


*August 2012-- "My Place or Yours”


*July 2012 -- "Engineering—That’s The Way We’ve Done It Before"


*March 2012-- "Hire Slow, Fire Fast"


February 2012-- "Little Changes, Big Profits"


December 2011-- "Finding Problems and Hidden Profits"


October 2011-- This video is an introduction to my Chevelle and how it relates to fixing your business.